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circumhorizontal arcs photographed by (click pic) david england, andy cripe, del zane, todd sackmann and brandon rios. this atmospheric phenomenon, otherwise known as a fire rainbow, is created when light from a sun that is at least 58 degrees above the horizon passes through the hexagonal ice crystals that form cirrus clouds which, because of quick cloud formation, have become horizontally aligned. (see also: previous cloud posts)

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Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze (previously featured here) recently completed a fascinating new series of his exquisite taxidermy Fairies. These delicate sculptures are primarily composed of parts from many different insect species, but if you look closely you’ll notice bones, seeds and even a few scorpion parts as well.

Visit Cedric Laquieze’s blog for many additional images and to check out some of his other enchanting creations.

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Oh.  my.  god.


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holy shit cows are huge

And apparently very cuddly

I can verify cows are both and they lick like giant slobbery cats. 

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Self explanatory. (at Syracuse Fair Grounds)

Monster trucking!!!
Wowza… 🌅 (at Oneida Lake Sylvan Beach)
That sky….  That moon… (at Panther Lake, New York)
Yeowza…  Thank god I found her outside… (at Panther Lake, New York)

Morning time on Panther Lake. (at Panther Lake, New York)